Strengthening Education for Sustainable Energy Transition and Digitalization

17 November 2020
EDDIE will be involved in the European Vocational Skills Week this year between 09 – 13 November as an associated event for dissemination project’s results, lesson learned and conclusions from the needs identified in the professional environment regarding the knowledge and skills on digitalization, VET providers, and the education system, with the involvement of policy makers.
EU Erasmus+​

EDucation for DIgitalisation of Energy


EDDIE is a four-year Erasmus+ EU funded collaborative project creating a Sector Skill Alliance (SSA) to develop a long-driven Blueprint for the digitalization of the European Energy sector. The Consortium is coordinated by COMILLAS and brings together 16 partners from 10 EU Countries.


at a glance

Type of action: Sector Skill Alliance
Grant Number: 612398
Start Date: 01/01/2020
End date: 31/12/2023
Duration: 48 months
EC Contribution: € 3,995,690.00
Key Words: Digitalization, Energy, Education, SSA, VET
Project Coordinator: COMILLAS


The objective of the project to develop a Blueprint Strategy for the Digitalisation of the Energy value chain (BSDE), will be based on the sustainable cooperation between key industry stakeholders, education and training providers, social partners and public authorities.

EDDIE Tools towards Blueprint Strategy for the Digitalisation of the Energy value chain (BSDE)

Map the stakeholders

The activity will be developed to identify, describe and indicate priorities for the improvement or the establishment of new qualifications (job profiles and skills needed) and strategic network building with a strong industry-driven approach

Underpin and illustrate the Blueprint Strategy

Blueprint Strategy for the Digitalisation of the Energy value chain (BSDE) to tackle the skills shortages and mismatches identified, fostering multi-stakeholder partnerships (e.g. between industry, social partners, education and training, public authorities, smart cities and global communities)

Develop a communication and dissemination strategy

All the actions perform among the identified target groups at regional, national and EU level and include details on how the roll-out will be implemented at national and/or regional levels with relevant governmental and sectorial authorities