Blog #9 DIGITALIZATION OF RENEWABLE GENERATION Maria Luz Cruz Aparicio – IBERDROLA For some decades now, digitalisation has been an essential part of Iberdrola’s business and the use of information technologies has become a fundamental asset for the company. Currently, Iberdrola digitally manages its electricity generation assets and has transformed its networks into intelligent ones …

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Blog #6 – KTH

Blog #7 Resilient microgrid platform at KTH Lars Nordström – KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology Microgrids are building blocks of future smart grids, as key enablers for renewable energy integration, smart community deployment and grid resilience enhancement. With the increasing penetration of DC sources and DC loads and to be compatible with the existing …

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Blog #8 – CRE

Blog #8 Phasor Measurement Unit for Monitoring Power Systems Radu Plamanescu – CRE PHASOR MEASUREMENT UNIT (PMU) Phasor measurement units (PMUs) extract phasors (magnitude and phase angle) of the voltage and current signals in a power system, with all phase angles precisely referenced to a common time frame with the aid of the GPS. In …

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Blog #7 – PIQUER

Blog #7 Promoting digital Spaces in VET education Genoveva Ponce Buenestado, Guillermo Rodríguez Martínez – PIQUERA new training program that brings digital spaces to Basic VET Programmes ¿What is GarageLab? It is a digital fabrication laboratory within a VET education center. The Aim of Garage Lab GarageLabs aims to provide Basic VET Programmes the necessary …

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Blog #5 – POLIMI

Blog #5 MOOCs and digitalisation of energy Ada Giannatelli, Daniela Casiraghi Politecnico di Milano – METIDMassive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) emerged in the 1st decade of the 21st century as a form of open education and their scenario is rapidly evolving also due to the Covid crisis. There are different providers, delivering high quality courses …

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